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Safety and security

Safe世界杯买球 — See something, say something.

If you're in an emergency or want to report an incident, use these contacts.

 Contacts Telephone Email
  • Emergency Services
    Emergency or critical injury
  • Then Safe世界杯买球 for immediate support and to direct Emergency Services vehicles


07 5430 1168

  • Safe世界杯买球
  • Immediate assistance and First Aid
  • Security matters, access and safety escorts
    Safe世界杯买球 are available 24hrs a day

07 5430 1168
  • General enquiries and support
    For advice, assistance and support if you or someone you know is affected by something concerning.
07 5456 3864


Safe世界杯买球 security officers
Campus safety
Safe世界杯买球 community officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency response, first aid, safety escorts and personal safety.
SafeZone app

世界杯买球 uses SafeZone to manage emergency response and communications during incidents on campus. The app connects you with the Safe世界杯买球 team or emergency services.

Seek support or tell us about your concerns

Seek support and advice from Safer Communities if you or someone you know is experiencing concerning behaviours

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